Please add Casa Bertallot (Italian Radio with new discoveries and HQ sound)

Hi there,

could you please add Casa Bertallot to the Roon Radio list for Italy?
It’s a no adv internet only Radio from one of the most respected Italian DJs:

The stream is directly from the homepage of the radio website, I’ve managed to add the radio using the website address on roon manually, but I miss the streaming data… with song and autor.

I’m quite sure this radio could have a broader than Italian only interest to music lovers of what’s new in the international scene.

Plus, it’s usually streamed with an optimal musical quality.
Thanks in advance

Hello Marco, try with

On it! I believe I can fetch metadata too

I just published it. Take a look and let me know if it works or if there is other data needed to be entered.

I added an hls aac stream too.

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… and added Metadata Service for the AAC stream. Team work :slight_smile:

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Bravo :clap:

Works perfectly! Thanks so much for this fast teamwork… hope you’ll enjoy this station too…


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