Please add CBeebies or URL (Children’s Radio)

Hello everbody

Our seven-year-old son is a bit tired of listening to BBC 3 and 4 (his parent’s choice of radio). So he demands that CBeebies is added to Roon… I searched for CBeebies’ URL to add the station to Roon, but without success.

Now I hope for help from this esteemed community — would it be possible to add CBeebies to Live Radio, or does anybody have the URL for CBeebies?

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Not that I can see. Analysing the BBC site shows they are downloading a sequence of .m4s files - individual segments of an audio stream. Unfortunately, Roon cannot deal with these.

I’ve looked for alternatives in the manner of the other BBC radio streams, but they don’t seem to exist.


Dear Brian

Many thanks for checking as to whether CBeebies could be added to Live Radio. A great pity that the BBC doesn’t provide the information needed to do so. Our son loves Roon – he has all his music and audio books in Roon, and it would have great if he could have managed his radio stations in Roon too. Back to “Okay Google”… :wink:


Most of the BBC’s Internet radio is streamed using HTTP Live Streaming. I thought Roon supported HLS. Does it only support the old Shoutcast streaming format?

Also, I believe BBC has been looking into switching to MPEG-DASH eventually. No idea if that’s still happening or not, just remember a blog post from them announcing their research arm was working on it.

The BBC does supply some HLS streams, but as far as I could discover, there isn’t one for Cbeebies. If you can find one we’re all ears as Roon should be able to deal with it in the same way as the other Beeb streams.

I therefore tried analysing the web site for Cbeebies and found it uses the mpeg dash protocol with .m4s chunks so that didn’t help either.

If it goes completely over to that format, Roon will have to find a way…

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