Please add DASH Alternative USA station

DASH Alternative USA


Done, please check.
The website has it as Dash Alt X. Which is the usual reference?

(Wow, there are a lot of DASH stations!)

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Thank you Brian. This station sound great


Would you mind sussing more of the DASH stations?

No thank you because Dash not avalable in Canada. I don"t understand because I can listen this station from my Naim streamer apps.

OK, I’ve added
The Strip
Church of Rock & Roll
Dash Dance X
Dash Hits X
Dash X
Dash Indie
Dash Lofi
Dash Hip-Hop X
Dash Pop X
Dash R&B X
Dash Latin X

That should keep you going for a while!

Is there any station in particular you would like added?

I have marked these streams as US only because that’s how the Dash web site presents itself. I don’t think we want to get around that.

Thanks, plenty to explore…but if you have a moment, how about Cadillacc Music, Doggystyle and SKEENET?

Much appreciated.

Interestingly, I can’t even browse to dash as it overwhelms my CPUs. Probably for the best I don’t try. Appears to be a Sarari issue as Chrome has no problem.

Ok, sometime tomorrow?

Of course, thanks. I’ll give it go if you can share the technique or tool you’re using to find the direct url?

Ah, I found it in the html source.

No need. I’ll do it in the morning.

(There’s no tool, just analysing what goes on)

Ahh. I see you’re on the way…

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Ok, but you may need to use inspect to determine which of the 99 or so streams to use.

Yeah, that’s the challenge I’ve just discovered. The stream number closest to the description isn’t necessarily the right one.

That’s the postgraduate course…

Can more DASH stations be added? There are 10 “Decades” channels which would be nice to have in Roon. I also enjoy Cinescore and Concerto. Thank you!

Done, please check.

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I see you added a couple, thanks. SKEENET seems to have gone.

I see them! Thank you for this!

Yes, I believe I got the two Snoop Dogg stations. No sign of skeeter anywhere.


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