Please add Deutschlandfunk Nova

They have bit rates from 128 knit/s mp3 up to 192kHz aac.


Hello @Daiyama , the station Deutschlandfunk Nova already exists. Use the magnifying glass to find it is an easy way.

However it was missing the 192k aac stream and I have added that. Thank you.

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Hi Brian,
I could not find it via the magnifying glass, so it seems I have to sharpen my search skills. :slight_smile:

? It’s there for me…

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Hi Brian,
that was absolutely no critisim in your direction. Sorry, when I came across that way.
I was genuinely wondering why I did not find Deutschland Nova.

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No problem - I didn’t take it that way. I just wondered whether you had a problem and what may have caused it.

If it’s all fine, then great.


I remember vaguely that I used the search function and did not get Deutschlandfunk as a result. But it was very early this morning. :wink:
So I will check later why I did not find the radio station and if I am able to improve. :rofl:

I am not sure what I did wrong this morning, but now I found the radio station with the first search. All good. THX :slight_smile:

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