Please add DPD Drivers Radio


my favorite TuneIn radio channel is DPD drivers radio, and I cannot find it.
I would much appreciate it if you could expand your radio channels.

Hello @Robin_de_Jong and welcome to live radio. I’ve added DPD Drivers Radio for you. Easiest way to find it is to use the magnifying glass.

@BrianW Thank you sp much for your ultrafast reply!
Unfortunately, after I added it, it does not provide a tone….

It works fine for me. Can you play other stations OK?

In particular, can you play aac streams?

I’ve just found an mp3 stream and added that. Can you play the station now?

Hi Brian!

mp3 works, not sure about AAC.
I am new to Roon and to my new speakers (Dutch & Dutch 8c with built in streamer)


What is your Roon core running on? Some installations have problems with aac

I just moved the roon core to a synology 220+ nas.

Ok, you need to download new codecs. See this thread. From that thread, the problem is

AAC encoded music: Second problem was that some albums from my collection were not playing and also crashing the streamer. Found out that those were AAC encoded music files not supported by my Synology DSM 7 OS natively.

Thank you so much! Will do.