Please add finnish Yle

I made the above request last year.
However, it is still not possible to play even if you add a url manually.
Please add Yle to Live Radio stations.

Yle Radio 1

Yle Klassinen


@currycooqoo, I’d love to. Yle isn’t the only station using HLS formatted streams. Unfortunately Roon at present cannot cope with these (they are sent as consecutive chunks or fragments of the original audio).

This is a known shortcoming of Roon radio and the devs are aware.

I can only apologise.


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Thank you very much.
It is very disappointing. (´・ω・`)
I hope Live Radio will be improved.

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Hi @currycooqoo,

Unfortunately I don’t have any specific updates I can provide at this time regarding these stations. It might be possible that the station has other streaming URLs available in different formats that will work with Roon. In the past some have had success contacting stations directly for alternative URLs, so that might be worth a try.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you for chipping in @dylan; unfortunately these stations do not provide alternative streams - or, at least, I have never found any. All alternative radio sites carrying this station use the same HLS streams.

Which format Roon use ?

Most streams are OK, but at present not HLS or Vorbis

Can you check what kind of format is this

That’s a redirector to a .asf container stream. This is a Microsoft format that Roon cannot currently deal with.


As @BrianW and @Heikki_Tiri say, Yle seems to be provided by HLS and asf.

Hello @currycooqoo , it’s been a long time, but Roon can now deal with these streams. I’ve added Yle Radio 1 and Yle Klassinen for you. Please check if OK.

I added Yle Puhe too.


Thank you very muchi!
I’m very happy! :heart_eyes:
I found “Yle Klassinen” from “Live Radio” and pressed the play button. However, it remains loading and does not start playing. :joy:
Just in case, when I opened in a web browser, it could be played in a web browser.

I think we may have to wait for the roon backend to be updated . Sorry.

Hello @currycooqoo , with the latest Roon update, these streams should now work.

Thanks a lot! I was able to play it successfully.:+1:

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