Please add identified/unidentified status to album Export [ignore]

Per subject, seeing as there’s a need to add metadata to musicbrainz to handle unidentified albums please could the status be added to album export to enable working with dataset outside of Roon.

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Does Roon export tags? If so, you could focus on “Unidentified”, select all, and tag them with “unidentified”

Good suggestion, that could work. I’ll check whether the export carries the info I need to make life easy re getting the albums loaded into Picard for submission workflow using its plugins.

Having thought this through a little more I think the request is moot because one can Focus then export, but more importantly, without the ability to filter only on those albums Roon truly has no metadata for vs those it mismatches because of its sourced metadata often lacks things like track titles and duration there’s no point in exporting.