Please add MPR Classical Choral stream

Done, please check

Thanks Brian, but that doesn’t tune in the Classical Choral stream.

I’ve just checked and Roon is playing “Ecstatic meditations” which is what the website is playing.

I’ve added the Choral stream from classical mpr.
There are now two classical mpr stations - you are playing the right one?

Both play the same stream, which is the primary 99.5 FM classical station. They also have a different stream of classical choral music. In streams via the MPR website, maybe it doesn’t work via internet radio?

Something not right for you. Here’s what I see for main…

And for the Choral…

Two different streams showing different metadata.
Are you using the main database?

Loving the MPR Classical Choral Stream station! Thanks! :grinning:

I just came across this for adding other Classical MPR streams as well;

Done, please check.

Sweet! Thank you! :grinning:

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