Please add Radio Deejay

Dear Customer support,

could you add Radio Deejay Italy?

Many thanks,


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Hi @Sante_Roon, happy to add the station for you. As I do not speak Italian it would be great if you could provide some details please, such as:

Description: (In Italian is fine)
Does it have advertising?:
Types of music played:
Stream URL:
Languages - is it just in Italian?

Many thanks

Hi Nick,

First of all thanks for your reply.

Here the requested data

Radio Deejay is an Italian radio station. It was founded on 1st of February 1982 by the Italian radio and television personality Claudio Cecchetto and was acquired by the Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso in 1989.
This radio surprises you, makes you laugh and also moves, with audio, video, music and best selected stories for you, told by the web deejays.

Location: Milan, Lombardy, Italy

Does it have advertising? Yes

Types of music played: Pop Music, Dance and Electronic

Stream URL:

Languages - is it just in Italian?
Yes mainly in Italian, but of course I’m talking about the speeches …

Have a great weekend


Hi @Sante_Roon, unfortunately I haven’t been able to track down a URL that works with Roon.

This is the URL I have found,

Are you already using this station in Roon? If so, please post the URL you are using.

Found this on Tune in and was able to add it to Roon, but it won’t play in Roon.

Thanks for looking.

As TuneIn is another aggregator service, like Roon, we aim to not re-use their feeds, but ones offered by the station itself.


Hi Nick,

@Saturn94 thanks to you as well.

Unfortunately this is exactly the reason I wrote the post, I wasn’t able to add it, despite the fact that on TuneIn the url link works properly. Anyway I’m gonna write to Radio Deejay to have an alternative url/solution.
May I simply mention “Roon”? Better maybe to give them a mail address to contact, do you have either one specific for technical support or do I have to use the generic one (e.g.

Please let me know and thanks again for your support. I keep you posted.


Thanks Sante, let us know how you get on with Radio Deejay.

I would simply mention Roon as you suggest.

Hopefully they will provide an alternative we can use.

No need to quote a separate email address for technical support


PS I don’t actually work for Roon, just one of the community helpers in the Radio Curators group

Dear Stample,

unfortunately, after writing to Radio Deejay (I did two weeks ago) still no news.

Let’s wait, thanks again for your help.


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Hi, did you happen to have any news?
Maybe some OPs on the Roon team could ask Radiodeejay directly?


unfortunately no answer 'til now.

Honestly I don’t understand the reason why we cannot add it using the same link used on TuneIn. Anyway I’ll listening to in another way, it’s a pity, but not a big issue.

BTW, happy new year to all Roon’s users.


We cannot use tune in links. That’s it. Not allowed. If you can work out the open source link, we can use it.
That’s just the rules I’m afraid.

While that’s true, there is something else going on with Radio Deejay. Roon will allow a Tunein link to be added to your own radio library, and in general that works, but if you try with this one you get the logo and ID, but it won’t play.

Hello @Sante_Roon , it’s been a long time but Roon can now deal with this type of stream. Radio Deejay is now in the database.

Edit. We have to wait until roon backend updated, sorry.

Hi Brian,

Happy to hear that.
Last mile now …

Thanks for the update.


Hello @Sante_Roon , with the latest Roon update, the station should work.

Great, finally.