Please add Radio.Fish
Beautiful and rare music in the stream.

mp3 192

Hello @Sergey_Kotyrev and welcome to Live Radio.

I’ve added Radio.Fish for you. Please check if OK.

Brian, thanks a lot!
Can you please change GEO from St.Petersburg, Russia to correct one Rishon LeZion, Israel?
Because we already moved to a new country together with all our projects.

Ok. It was difficult to find any information about the site’s location. My source was evidently out of date.

What is the language? I’ve used English for now.

Yes, English is default language of music, site etc.

and it’s a global world-wide music radio. not a local Israel radio.
So I’m afraid that using tag ‘Israel’ like you used now can mislead listeners - not many people wants to listen hebrew music)))

And please can you add tags “independent”, “fusion”, “alternative” and “indie”?

Your tags added, thank you.

There isn’t a specific tag ‘Israel’, just a location. We like to specify where the station is located.