Please add Radio K, Umiversity of Minnesota

Done, please check.
Does it carry advertising?

Thanks, no ads.


Fixed. Thanks.

That link is for the 128K feed. Is there a link for the 256K link?



Ahh, missed that one. Added now, thanks for spotting.

I see the link for 256 is different from the 128 feed but both feeds are showing as 128 on Roon.

JRiver provides 128/256 kbps depending on the feed. Any chance I can get RadioK at 256?

Is there a list of stations streaming FLAC?


Joe S

Well, that is wierd.
Firstly, the 256 link is the official one. When I added it the stream tester we use when we add streams showed 256k.
When I tried it just now in my Roon app, it shows 128k.

What is happening is that for some reason Roon doesn’t want to play that stream in Radio K and so falls back to the alternative, 128k stream, and that’s what you hear.

Now if I add that stream to a test station with just the one stream it’s OK. As I said, wierd.

Now we can get round this by removing the 128k stream from Radio K and leaving just the 256k. That works for me.

If that is OK with you as a temporary work round I’ll leave it like that (256k, and no 128k).

Apologies from me, and I’ll bring it to the attention of the devs.


There aren’t many. Search for flac.

Don’t worry. Fixed it.



Any FLAC stations?

Joe S

Did you miss my reply?

the only search that I can find just searches my library.

Magnifying glass, top right, then scroll waaayy down, and there you are. But not that many. Too many stations using ogg which we cant deal with at present.