Please add Radio SRF 4 News

Could you please add Radio SRF 4 News?
Radio SRF 4 News is the sixth public German-language Swiss radio station operated by SRG SSR. The content of SRF 4 News consists largely of news.
Many thanks in advance

I will as soon as I can…
There is a problem with the Live Radio program at the moment which means I can’t add stations. Probably because of the load on Roon’s servers.

I won’t forget you!

Thank you very much for your time and effort!
Best regards from Switzerland

Hoi Andi
Chasch mit dem Link selber hinzuefüege:

Gruess Marco

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Things must be improving - I couldn’t do that earlier!

I still can’t add to the main database though…

@Andreas_Baumann , I can edit stations again. I’ve added SRF 4 News, please check

Hi Brian

Thank you very much!
Can you also add this stream to the station:




Hi Brian
The MP3 stream does not work for me in Roon. The stream works fine with VLC or any other streaming software I have tested.
All other MP3 streams operated by SRG/SSR work fine for me in Roon.
Unfortunately, I can’t use the AAC stream at the moment because my Roon server is running on a QNAP. Since I’m moving Roon to a new server in the next few days, I’m a bit too lazy to download the new QNAP package that Christopher Rieke provides.
Do you have any idea why the SRF4 stream is not working?

Greetings from Zurich and thank you for your help.

Something strange going on there with Roon. There’s a simple extraction of an m3u playlist which Roon successfully does at one point, but not at another.

Never mind, I’ve changed the URL to point directly. Try now.

(I’ll inform the devs about the m3u hiccup)

Perfect! Thank you very much!

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