Please add RadioX

Great start on Live Radio, please add RadioX:

Hi @Mike_Ormerod, this station has now been added

Awesome. Thanks


Radio X used to work fine but now I just get an error when trying to play from Live Radio

Tried removing and adding to no avail

Every other station I try seems to be fine, just Radio X !

Any thoughts??


Just tried it. Works fine.
Have you tried the old favourite - restart server?

Fair question @BrianW

Will do so tonight (as currently at work and doing remote Roon Telephone Support for the missus at home !!)

Will give it a go and feedback

Many thanks

Ok. No worries.

Yep, you’re spot on @BrianW, the big red reboot button worked just fine :blush:

many thanks

Pleased to hear it. Enjoy the music.