Please add Recorded and Release Date to now playing screen

The topic title says it all. There is enough space on the right side to do so.

Thanks to th Roon team for their great work in general!



Great idea

I think this page can be too busy already as it is. I would rather remove something than add more…

and another example:

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Valid point. Then make it at least selectable what one wants to see or not. I could refrain from all the performers or cut them off for example.

It’s just that I often want to know the dates of the album. For more details I have all the options, but dates are shown on album level only where I need to leave the now playing screen.

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Agreed. Everyone is interested in something different so it would be great to have some settings under ‘Configure Now Playing Screen’ for the bottom part of the screen as well.


Unfortunately the more user selectable options there are, the more there is that can go wrong and even limit further advances. I’ve seen this with work software, the more optimisation the slower the progress.

An option always appears on the surface to be the obvious solution but I can fully appreciate Roon’s reluctance to go down this road with a developing software.


The Roon team is so great that I do not see this as a big hurdle and therefore I’d rather think positive.