Please add SWR1 and SWR2 stations

I guess there already had been issues in the past. Still doesn’t work for me.
These are the links from the stations homepage:


Would be great if you can try to add them.
Many thanks in advance,

What is wrong with the ones already there? (Possible answer: Seems like they are only findable when using the global search.)

SWR2 streams didn’t work - I’ve changed them. But the others seem fine?

EDIT Ahh - I think there is some geo-restriction going on.
Working on it.

SWR1 Streams repeat the message that this stream address is outdated.

OK, tks. I’ve added the streams that the website is using for SWR1BW, RP, and SWR2.

Are the others OK?

Hi, thanks for the replies. Yes, the ones I find with the global search are working.
Looks like I somehow overlooked them in my first search :slightly_smiling_face:
So both, SWR1 and SWR2, are fine.
Many thanks, Manfred


SWR4 both not working:


OK, try now.

There is a choice of URLs for SWR4RP etc - see

Which is the best one to choose? I’m confused…

All current streams for SWR4 stations play for me now. The various streams seem to be for different city regions in the state. So either add them all and let the users choose or add only the one for the capital city?

Sounds like a plan. I’ll get on with it.


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There is still the discrepancy in visibility between the Live Radio location filter (Germany stations)

and the global Search (for SWR)

It’s because Roon loads a maximum of 250 stations in the country category. And Germany has 310. The missing 60 cannot be obtained via this method.

I have mentioned this to the devs before.

I guess we could go through the German stations and assign them to their appropriate regional categories - some have this, but most don’t. That would produce a smaller set to load.

I think when we started, there were no German regions set up, so the first stations didn’t get the regional tag.

Seems like a slow background job for me…

Sounds silly as we can browse/scroll through 1000nds of albums. If stations really have to be restricted, a hint/message of some sorts that indicates that there are more that can’t be displayed would be great. I also tried to reduce the stations shown using the filter, but it still shows the same 3 stations. So filter either works on that first 250 stations that are loaded only or something else is blocking the other stations from appearing. Note: Sort is set to “By name” and there are around 10 - 12 stations more after SWR4 so one would expect that even with a limit in place, the SWR1 and SWR2 stations should be shown.

Sorting only applies to that batch of loaded stations. The load itself is independent of the sort. They are presumably held in some alternative manner on Roon’s server.

@beka , @jamie Please note Blackjack’s comments.

In the meantime, I’ll attempt to add regional tags to the stations (as usefully occurs in US and UK)

Hey @BrianW,

Thanks for grabbing our attention. I’ve taken this to the team to find out more.

Sit tight :relieved:

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