Please add these niche radio stations

Just wondering if it was possible to add the following internet radio stations to Roon:

  1. Sidewinder Radio -
  2. Hutton Orbital Radio -
  3. Lave Radio -


Hello @Atom, I’ve added the first two, please check.
However I’m having trouble with Lave. Roon doesn’t like the stream for some reason. I’ll keep trying.

(Added keyword Elite to the stations)

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Just tried/tested Sidewinder Radio and Hutton Orbital and they work great…thanks! Playing Elite will be much better now.

I remember playing that on a BBC micro from a cassette, too many years ago…

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Haha, good stuff…never played the original myself…started on the second iteration back in the late 80’s/early 90’s (when my brother got a copy)…the latest version of the game has been going on a few years now and is brilliant; even made by the same developer and David Braben is still leading development (the original was his brain child).

Thanks again for adding those stations :smiley:

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I think I’ve found a stream that works in Roon for Lave Radio
Can you check?

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Just checked…all working…cheers and thanks for the super quick response.

? Took me 10 hours. Tut tut. The last one was a struggle though.

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haha, I thought the earliest it would be done was Monday…for all three stations.

Brian seemingly add stations 24/7. Lave Radio is interesting. I listened for a bit to a radio theater sci-fi/dystopian show this afternoon, Escape Velocity. I’ll have to look up what other shows they have…thanks.

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