Please advice building nuc

Please advice
I want to build a Nuc to install Roon Rock.
I have a library let’s say about 5000 albums and perhaps 5000 integrated from Tidal

Do I need:

  1. Intel BOXNUC7I3BNH NUC Kit
  2. Intel BOXNUC7I5BNH NUC Kit
    Or even 3) Intel BOXNUC7I7BNH NUC Kit

With a memory card of 4GB, 8GB or more

With a m.ssd 64gb or 128gb or more

My recommendation is a 7i5BNH, 8GB ram, 128GB M2 SSD. This can also be fitted in a fanless case, which is something you might want to do.

A 7i3BNH, 4GB, 64GB configuration will cut it too, but for the DSP functionality, and perhaps future growth.

I only use one endpoint (Metrum Ambre) and DSP only for volume regulation and occasional equilazing for bad sounding albums, in my current situation with Roon on an external ssd connected to a Synology DS218 + with 6GB this works pretty nice.

I’m afraid it will be an expensive change for maybe nothing

If you are happy why change?

searching is sometimes a bit slow + I sometimes like to change + in the context of cable management with which I am working I want to integrate this

8GB ram
If you’d like i5 or i7, consider NUC7i5BNH or NUC7i7DNHE