Please allow loading convolution filters from Android

Dear @support,

My Nucleus+ sits in my listening room on the shelf with all the other audio gear. and I control playback from an Android tablet. The PC from which I manage the Nucleus+ is upstairs in the study. I’ve been investigating and experimentally loading various convolution filters and it’s not hard for me to imagine a future in which I will want to load different filters for different kinds of music. I’ve been spending a lot of time walking up and down stairs and I’m getting tired.

Get a laptop?

+1 for this it’s a pain to always use my laptop as it’s often in use with somebody else.

I’ve got two. Niether graphics card supports OpenGL 3.0 or therefore Roon

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@WillK I’m sure you’re aware of this, but just in case not, you can save your Convolution filter as part of a DSP preset, then flick between different presets at will.

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@dhusky I wasn’t aware of that. It sounds like it will solve my problem. Thanks very much for the helpful response!

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No worries, glad it helps for your use case.