Please Allow Sorting in Search Results

It would be nice to group results by date or artist or whatever. Can’t do that directly from the search results page.

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Not quite the same, but you can use the filter option up in the top right to filter that list for only JJCale for example.

It is a shame that all these sorting options disappear when you do a search though. They could easily remain and be hidden in a pull up/down menu bar if a clean view is preferred.

Yeah, it’s super odd this is not a feature. I searched for an artist by name, then clicked to view his albums and there’s no way to sort them in any way! That’s ridiculous.

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+1 for this! Having the ability to sort after searching for something would be great!

another „+“ from me.

Yup, adding a +1

Quite frustrating that functionality one should be able to take for granted has to be logged as a feature request. How does a search result NOT have sort options. Valence is not the answer to everything.

Any wagers on there still being no sort options in 12 months time :roll_eyes:

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