Please be a bit more accurate in your release notes and emails

I appreciate the new release and what you are doing but I have a suggestion. You sent out an email saying Qobuz integration is now built in. It is, but you leave out the big gotcha. Not available to United States customers at this time. Found this out when I tried to sign up.

Not trying to complain but it would be nice if you stated Qobuz integration is built in but currently not available to US customers. I know you do not control this with Qobuz but this is probably disappointing to your customers who update and then expect to be able to try this out based on your release notes and email. I realize the users who frequent this forum probably knew this but for those who don’t it is a bit disappointing after reading the exciting email.

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Try signing up. I was invited in on the second wave of Qobuz beta users a few days ago. If it won’t accept you, send an email to Qobuz. They were pretty responsive with me. Roon Qobuz is integrated. I’m in the US.

My main issue is the big sign up button in the email which takes you to a webpage informing you of closed beta. Just put a disclaimer or something in the email about this being unavailable in the States at this time.

Thanks for the feedback. We shouldn’t be sending out emails that cause feelings of disappointment like this, especially when it’s so easily avoided. I’ve raised this with our marketing department so they can consider it when designing future communications.

Thank you sir!