Please Can Roon Provide an Update on their 1.8 Remediation Plans

The thread title is self explanatory


They have never announced timelines or deadlines ASAIK. Many of the things discussed here will be addressed, I imagine, some won’t, and some may be backburnered. But don’t wait for any plans.

That may be the case @John_V but I, like many people active on this forum, paid a hell of a lot of money for a service they are no longer satisfied with. So, with that in mind, I’ll ask again. When are Roon going to provide an update?


This thread is a compilation of posts by Roon staff regarding 1.8 issues.

Roon doesn’t provide dates for software releases. You can expect that development and implementation of fixes referred to in those posts have a high priority. Once the fixes have been developed and tested they will be released.


Will you be happy (as a product owner/seller) if the customers will give you such an answer: I do not provide dates on my payments. I expect that development and implementation of roon’s self-induced 1.8 issues to be the only priority. Once the fixes have been developed and tested to my user’s satisfaction, I’ll think about continuing my payments.

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Moderators are not Roon employees, just volunteer users. I’m telling other users what has happened in the past and is likely to happen in the future. People are free to complain that they don’t like it and would prefer Roon to do something else.

Speaking for myself I prefer that Roon err on the side of releasing changes when they are thoroughly tested so as to minimise disruption to users. No one benefits from rushing a fix that creates more problems than it solves. Testing is an iterative process. You develop a fix and test it. If there is a reversion or bug you develop a revised fix and test it. The process is inherently incompatible with a fixed date for release. Roon themselves only know whether a fix can be released after testing.


So, will you be happy or not? (joke, I understand your position here and anyway it was not my intention to offend you).

No worries. I just get paranoid that people think I represent Roon. It’s probably the avatar which is completely indistinguishable from Roon staff.

Have you entered such a condition into the Agreement with Roon?

To be fair, nowhere in that agreement either is a possibility for Roon to have its software simply stop working while continuing to charge customers for it.


I’m wondering if ROON”s lack of customer response and customer-centric behaviour will change now that Spotify CD quality is on the horizon. If not they’ll be an interesting failed business case study in years to come. I’m a lifer so have little recourse other than shutting up and accepting the fixes when ROON in it’s wisdom decides I’m worthy of assistance.


But intersection of Roon and Spotify users sets is probably rather small.
I’m pretty sure that Target is rather different…
So competition is not a threat here I think.

That was a hypothetical statement, because I sincerely didn’t like @andybob’s answer.
Going real, I believe that if you are on the monthly payment plan (I’m not) you can start/stop the payment at will, as you are/not satisfied with the product.

So do I, so how come the car crash that is 1.8 was released?


According with roon this is their most successfully update. Go figure…


Car crash? Zero issues here.


Lucky you, you obviously didn’t use the features that were available in 1.7 but withdrawn in 1.8


I am indeed missing nothing and like the update and no issues running Roon as has been the case for the past 6 years. I just thought ‘car crash’ bit overstatement.

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More to the point:

Roon 1.8 (Build 763) is Live! - Roon Software / Software Release Notes - Roon Labs Community

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It’s a disaster. This is VERY expensive to give this service.