Please, can somebody from Roon explain to me why the photo of Taylor Swift

I do think that it should take my library into account though, as it seems to do now in part. If I don’t like or know an artist, it’s not a good choice for the genre for me, whatever Valence thinks

While Gaga is busy with her Roots Rock duties, Americana has now switched to Joey Burns / John Covertino of Calexico and Giant Sand, which makes total sense for my personal library. No idea why, nothing changed in the library

I wouldn‘t mind.
I am not so much into this „I hate this or that artist, I do not want to see or hear anything from them in my library.“
If a majority things this is a good/typical representative of a genre I would be ok with it, even when I do not have any albums off them in my library.

Depends, and it’s a complex topic. In some cases, an artist is so representative for a genre that they make the perfect choice regardless of my opinion.

In other cases, the genre simply doesn’t have an artist that represents it generally, so ideally it should have something to do with my library rather than a picture that means nothing to me

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