Please can we have an Apple TV Roon Remote

I can’t understand there is still not an Apple TV Roon remote application !!!

My KEF LSX speakers stand on each side of my TV … I already use the Apple TV to listen to music via the Apple music app …

Why not a Roon app? Why but Why?


Apple TV downgrades everything to 16/48. That might be why. I stopped using my Apple TV 4K when I subscribed to Tidal and Qobuz. I also stopped using my free Apple Music account.

Try airplay.

Apple TV 4K downgrades to 16/48 regardless.

It would be nice to have an ATV app that works as the remote app as it does on other devices. Would be nice to have the visuals on the big display and selecting one of your high quality audio outputs.


*with TVOS 12.xx
Update beyond that and the operative word will be “try”.

I try to keep everything simplified in my A/V setup for the sake of the family and guests coming over. An ATV remote app would be great so I can get better performance than the lack luster output of ATV. Any discussions on this becoming a thing?

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