Please close your sync gaps

There is still no working way to sync liked tracks from Roon to Qobuz.

How can I listen to my Roon favorite tracks mobile on my phone with Qobuz? I have to sync them manually one by one. Just bad.

The Qobuz API has the function to set the like status of a track. Soundiiz for example is doing this. PLEASE just use it!

Not sure I am understanding what you want here. Are you asking for something like Apple Music match where it analyses your local music and matches them to the same albums in its online library ? Would be useful I suppose. Roon doesn’t use Qobuz API it’s level of integration is a lot more deep than that but this would be a good feature to look at adding.

If you add any track from Qobuz to your Roon library it will be added to your Qobuz favourites automatically. If it’s not doing that then somethings wrong somewhere.

No. If you add a Qobuz album to Roon, the complete album gets a like in Qobuz. In the Qobuz app the album appears in your favorite album list.

BUT if you like a Qobuz track in Roon, the track does not get a like in Qobuz. In the Qobuz app the track does not appear in your favorite track list. Also in the album view there is no like at this track.

But technically this would be possible. The Qobuz API does have this function.

Why do I want this? I want to listen to my Roon favorites online on my phone. This isn’t possible with Roon, so I need a sync with Qobuz to listen it on my mobile Qobuz app.

Works for me, just tried it.

I just added this track in Roon to my library

Here it is in favourite tracks in Qobuz straight away.

Roon favourites are Roon favourites they have no tie to Qobuz at all. If you already have the album in full and your faviourting a track no it won’t sync that back to Qobus tracks as its for local library only. In Roons eyes you have the album and tracks already in Qobuz. Roon works at album levels tracks are part of albums,. This would be a real change to how it works and add an extra layer of complexity. They might get there at some point but it’s likely not a simple thing to do.