Please distinguish Nancy Wilson (Heart) from Nancy Wilson (Jazz)

Nancy Wilson - Heart:

Nancy Wilson - Jazz:

Roon treats them as the same person.

This may be down to incorrect metadata in one of the albums in your library, because Roon certainly does know that there are two Nancy Wilsons. Perhaps you could give an example of an album where the wrong Nancy Wilson is identified?

The default assumption for Defenders of the Roon.
is assigned to the other Nancy Wilson in Roon’s world. Not for me to figure out why, other than to say it’s nothing at all to do with incorrect metadata in files.

I’m only trying to help… :slightly_smiling_face: I’m as interested in getting to the root of the issue as you perhaps are.

This is an issue with Tidal’s classification. I had to search Nancy Wilson (Jazz) to find Nancy Wilson (Heart) new album.

I discovered this on the Tidal app on my phone - outside of Roon.

Always Roon fault…

TIDAL may well have things confused, but the problem is actually this metadata from TiVo:

We’ve asked TiVo to correct.

Hi @Emile_Lemmer. This is now fixed; please allow up to a week for the updated metadata to be pulled into your library (if it hasn’t already).

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