Please do not delete queue when pressing “Play Now”

I am a new customer that just switch to Roon from Sooloos . Meridian audio recommended you after they were no longer supported by Tidal due to the sign in issues. I have never written in with a recommendation before and this will be a first. Please change the “play now “button so that it includes the rest of the queue without deleting it. Even after watching a two hour introduction to Roon today:

Live Streaming Seminar - Roon Introduction - Events - Atlanta Audio Club

They found it just as irritating having the entire queue erased when hitting the plane now button and recommended disabling it which adds a whole extra step when wanting to play a song without clearing the queue. Maybe it is just me.


Hi Richard,

Welcome to the community.

In Roon, Settings > Play Actions allows you to edit the one click actions. For example, when displaying an album in Album View, you can change the large Play Now button (which will wipe out the queue) to Queue.

You can also change the default Play of a track in an album to Queue as well.

Let us know what you’re trying to do and we may be able to offer advice.

Cheers, Greg

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Or, if you just want to play that song without changing the rest of the queue, use “Play Next” to insert it (and skip the playing track if you want to move to it immediately).