Please drop the incorrect Twitter link for Michael Steele

Please drop the false Twitter link for Michael Steele (a.k.a Miki Steele; born as Susan Nancy Thomas; former member of “The Runaways” and “The Bangles”) from her “Around the Web” section in Roon.

Not so much “false” as incorrect. Michael Steele is a real person and that is his twitter feed.

It could be worse. In the UK, Michael Steele is serving life for the “Rettendon Murders”, where three drug dealers were found in a Range Rover blasted to death with a shotgun. These events have been depicted in multiple movies, Essex Boys, and Rise of the Footsoldier etc…

Steele has maintained his innocence since conviction decades ago.

This was an incorrect link on MusicBrainz. I have edited it, but it will take a week to work through the MusicBrainz peer review system. I also added her FaceBook link, which was missing.


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