Please Expand DR to other views and filters

It’d be really nice if the dynamic range values could be displayed on the album artwork in the browser in views other than Artist. I think it should be an option to turn on/off like live recordings, bit/sample rate. I ask for this feature because I have artists like Miles Davis (230 albums/shows), Grateful Dead (900) and Phish (1400) albums. Artist view isn’t feasible to look at DR’s for some albums I have 4 or 5 versions of because you have an unwieldy amount of albums in front of you and no way to sort them by Title or Date for example. I feel like there’s a lot of information to be gained about go-to live recordings for SQ, which I am seeing at a very surface level in the artist view. I also have a tag for all my personal vinyl rips that I’ve done. It’d be nice to be able to see my most dynamic rips across artists and genres, but right now I have to go into each album to view that data.

I’d also like to see Focus add a filter for Dynamic Range with a user defined value. Again, scrolling through a list of tracks makes it hard to gain any kind of knowledge at an album level, which is where I believe most Roon users spend a LOT of time as well.

Basically I just want to leverage this data to learn more and find more in my library.

Er, wow!

Those three artists alone in your library is double the size of my entire collection :astonished:

Yeah, I may not be the standard use case with almost 15K albums and 180K tracks in my library, but I have a lot of artists with 50+ albums, which often makes the standard artist view sluggish and less than ideal to work with.