Please explain sigma-delta modulator in my signal path

I understand why this 2xDSD file is being down-converted: The Devialet Expert Pro is specified as handling only DSD64. But what’s with the sigma-delta modulator?


What’s under the sigma box? Any DSP? Or volume control on the devialet? If so this may apply

Here’s the image without the Sigma-Delta box. Yes, there’s a volume control in the Devialet, but it should be able to accept DSD64 input. That conversion appears to be happening before the Devialet, if I’m thinking about it right.

The output of the sample rate conversion is multi-bit audio, but at the sampling rate of the DSD that is to be generated–in this case 2.8224MHz.

The sigma delta modulator transforms that multi-bit stream back to a 1-bit DSD stream that the Devialet can understand.

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Got it–thanks Brian.