Please fix album art defaults import

I just hit placing my 1000th CD’s into ROON on my way to 2500

All my rips are WAV files so I am using a 3rd party tagger against them before importing into ROON

As part of that tagging process, I am getting the best album art via web searches (cause in most cases what I get automatically is crap)

Now when I import into ROON:

1- A reasonable percentage of the time ROON ignores the defaults I have set (shown below) which means I have to manually reset the cover art back to mine

2- with the last software update, it again went ahead and changed many covers to its own meaning I had to check each album

3- Out of the 1000 CD’s I have load into ROON, 200 were not identified and again when I go and identify them, ROON overwrites my cover with its own.

My assumption is if I set a GLOBAL import value, that it becomes the default at the album level but this is not the case… so can this please be fixed (ie if I select to prefer my tagged file values/art… then thats what ROON should do)



Since your files are in WAV format, which is not well suited to metadata, how are your files tagged with metadata? Roon will read embedded metadata, but per my understanding, it will not read external metadata in sidecar files, for example.


This is not issue about reading tags… its ROON not always enforcing the global default of preferring my album art so I am talking album art which is not embedded…

All I have is the WAV tracks and a single cover.jpg file per directory

My WAV tags are just artist/album/track which are ID3 tags and Roon is reading the WAV tags fine but isn’t respecting my selection of preferring my album art all the time as per my comment



actually just after I posted my last comment, I imported some albums and the image below is a classic example

ROON picked up the back cover from out in the ether and not the cover,jpg that was with the WAV tracks yet it did use mine for others.

Its obviously not “critical” but its real annoying when it happens and happens often enough that it just adds to my burden of tagging and getting the cover art.

And as it happened when I did the recent software upgrade (forcing me to check 1000 covers)… its a big time waster.


Hello Peter

I also have all of my CD collection in WAV format.

Couple of things to consider.

Folder layout.

Artist Name
Album Name
In each album have a jpg file called folder.jpg

It seems that you have Roon setup correctly to pull the album art that you desire.


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folder layout is as you suggest.

My jpg is called “cover.jpg”

The point is… ROON will most of the time use my “cover.jpg” but is inconsistent.

I will retest the album above with both “cover” and “folder” jpg files…

Thanks for the tip… will report back.

If “folder.jpg” is the fix then I will need to rename all existing and future jpg’s (the 3rd part ripper used cover.jpg)…ahhh


just to be clear (I hope it was)… I am tagging outside of ROON… so it gets its metadata from already tagged files.

I have to say that you make a good point about updates. The updates are quick and minimal and we have no idea what goes on.

Having said that, maybe the update process should walk us through a wizard each time to go over our custom settings as so nothing is changed.