Please help my treble sensitivity! Desperate

Chain is
Laptop > Lush2>Hugo TT2>abyss 1266 TC
I use the dual xlr out of the dac and it is strong for the TC, plenty of power.

I am sensitive to treble, to shouty mids. I need to smooth these out a lot.

I’ve recently discovered a convolution filter that helps but it kills the mids too much, anyone know of any sites with many convolution filters to choose from?

Or any other settings in Roon I can do to tweak This. These are my favorite headphones and I chose them because of thr resolution and clarity, layering… But it ingeritsbly comes with a spicy treble.
Help me smooth these… I’m at a loss!

It’s not quite that simple, as eq generally degrades overall SQ, it’s difficult to know where exactly to change for a easier fatigue free listen.

Convolution works nicer but idk where to find more files to try.

There is a large selection of headphone filters available on GitHub. This thread gives plenty of info on getting going:

Here’s one set of filters for your headphones I think, there’s probably others.

Good luck, feel free to ask questions, I’m pretty sweet on these.

Oh, and welcome to the Roon forum @Travis_herven , forgetting my manners.

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Hey, thanks so much, I’ve using thr 2 convolution filters in roon for my headphone and I like one of them

I’m supposed to use both by zipping them up?
I’ll do that.

Any more collection of generic convolution filters out there I can play around with?

Any other settings in roon, like upsampling ect that I need to do to smooth out the frequency range of my headphones?
I really appreciate you. I need this so bad. Just want to enjoy.

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The threads got a lot of info as does the project on GitHub. A search on there will find some other tunings. Regarding your other questions, searching this forum and the knowledge base should answer a lot of them, or at least point you in the right direction. You’ll usually get an answer or two, if you ask on here, more depending on the subject.

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You could just buy headphones better suited to your hearing, rather than try to fit them to it. I was doing this with my previous speakers, I changed the speakers problem solved .

It’s difficult, as I can’t try many in my area and also these have the best resolution, just trying to smooth thr sound out.

If your trying to change much they are not right for you. You can return most things with in 14 days via internet . Take advantage of it and try a few sets to find what works best for you.

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I’m still hoping I can find a collection of generic convolution files to try to tinker.
Nothing else will have the resolution of these…

You should also check out Oratory1990’s subreddit. Even though AutoEQ mostly uses Oratory1990’s measurement to create his filters, Oratory1990 also makes his own filters and has his own list or filters that are also targeted to different curves. .

I was also going to suggest that the 1266 TC may just not be the right headphone for you. They are great headphones but they are way too bright for me. Something like the Audeze LCD-3 is “darker” and smoother and doesn’t hurt my ears. If you want higher resolution, the LCD-4 offer that but are still smoother and darker sounding.

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I appreciate that. Autoeq on github is where I got the convolution links. I guess these things are rare. I figured there were some generic ones I can cycle through and see which ones I like.

It sounds as though you have issues that cannot be solved by roon. Maybe try vinyl and a good $10k preamp? Or tidal mqa?

So a usb (lush) really has helped, I feel like I’m almost there… Definitely don’t see a need for doing what you are saying.

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I will trade you my Beats Solo headphones for your Abyss. The mids on the Beats are pretty much not there because of over bloated bass. Should be more to your liking :stuck_out_tongue:

HA! As others have said I’d use EQ for taming… but also… you may want to look into new headphones. What you’re describing could simply be a “coloring” that is exact opposite of what you’re looking for in a headphone. Just because a reviewer says its “the best” does not mean its the best for everyone. If you’re not enjoying the music there isn’t much point in how well something reviews.


sorry, looks like I spoke too soon. I am going through his EQ list right now and I don’t see anything for your headphones. Well, if you can’t find filters you like on AutoEQ, you can download the program and make your own. It is a little bit of work, but it is also pretty cool.

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Here’s another set on the GH site but looking at the measurement graph I can’t help but echo @Simon_Arnold3’s thoughts. If you don’t like high trebles you would be better starting with a different pair of headphones :wink:

Good luck.

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