Please include track artists in artist browser

Currently it seems the Artists browser only includes Album Artists. This means any artists one has only in compilations or appear only as guests/featured artists in collaborations aren’t listed, and so aren’t included when browsing.
The only way I have found to see all such artists is through the Tracks view and including Artist in the table fields, and then sorting by that field. But even that won’t show secondary artists in their own right.
Could we at least have a custom setting to include track artists or not as an option please.
Thank you!

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I was going to started a feature request on this topic, and then found this. A bit disappointed to find no one supporting it. (Mind you that would have included me until now). It has also been asked for before here

Anyway, I’ll add my two penn’orth.

I would like the current focus on the browser to be much wider; why can’t I drill down to find featured artists, performers, acoustic guitar players, arrangers, etc etc? In fact anyone who appears in any form as a credited artist. The focus capability could include dates too. I could then find Brazilian guitar players from the last century who also arranged works. Recent drummers who played on jazz and rock. As It would cover all artists, it would also allow us the capability of finding duplicates and being able to merge them.

Actually, I don’t see why it shouldn’t subsume the composers browser too.

@Timster in the meantime, you may find it easier to search with the magnifying glass and look at library artists.

It’s 2021 and we still wait for this basic feature! :pensive:
What’s the point when looking for an artist, Roon shows me only the albums where he or she is the primary artist, but not any of the compilations (track artist) s/he is present ?
This makes owning compilations pretty useless if they are being ignored in Artist search.