Please move the undo button so it doesn't interfere with track navigation

I sometimes jump around in tracks in an album to get a quick feel for a song or songs when deciding whether or not I’m in the mood for an album I may not know very well. As soon as you select play on a track Roon’s Undo button gets in the way of immediately being able to skip around inside the track.

Easily fixed by just moving the undo button up a little so it’s not on top of the playback index. Please consider it.

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Actually, rather than just nudge it up, centre the button over the artwork so it’s obvious but out of the way.

I took me a while to emulate this behaviour on my iPhone since the screen you display is not the one you use to initiate playback. Surely you must have pressed Play Now on the album screen and then the track in the grey area at the bottom of the display to arrive at the screen you show. The Playing n tracks is carried over from one screen to the next, but disappears after a few seconds.

Simple solution … slow down. :slight_smile:

That’s a silly suggestion, it’s in the way and gets in the way every time you choose to sample a track. Slowing down is not the answer.

My point is that the pop-up message originates from the previous screen and is only visible for a few brief seconds; I’m sure most would not come across this behaviour. One could argue that this feature request is rather silly. Indeed your claim that “As soon as you select play on a track Roon’s Undo button gets in the way of immediately” is incorrect since you have to change to the Now Playing screen first for this to happen.

I agree that this should move, covering part of the UI functionality with this has caused me frustration. Or if I go to click undo and it disappears I then make another change that I wasn’t wanting to!

First go try what I’m describing and then come back and tell me how I’m doing it is causing the issue. There is no other way to sample / skip into a track than this. Try clicking on the track nav as soon as you’ve pressed play and you’ll find yourself at that second screen with the undo button in the way - that’s a Roon behaviour, not a user choice. I don’t assume to use Roon the way you do, yet you feel free to assume that I don’t know what I’m doing. Re-read the reason I want to be able to skip into and around a track quickly, then rather than argue for the sake of arguing tell us if there’s a better way and if not rather say nothing.

It’s not your fault.

yeh, you need to find something to do other than hang and troll here 24/7