Please reinstate the Bookmark icon beside the search icon iOS

It is now in the side bar which adds one extra click every time I try to find my bookmarks. Which is almost everytime I do anything in roon as you cannot customise the home page to get what you want where you want it.



I was actually about to post a bug report. In either case, I couldn’t find it, and even after you pointed out it was in the sidebar, I scrolled to the bottom of the sidebar and back up before I saw it.

Please and thank you!

What device are you using, on my iPad Mini it’s top right corner next to the magnifying glass as it’s always been ?

iPad is OK
Mobile phones are the problem.
One unnecessary click.
There’s room enough to bring it back where it was in 1.7.
I support this request !

It’s a golden rule of software development: only remove features if you want disgruntled users.

Please advise when this removed functionality will be reinstated.

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I second this request. I use bookmarks a lot - and besides that the smartphone app differs in the usabiliy from the other platforms (which is never a good idea) the extra click could be avoided.