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The largest, most powerful AM talk radio in Michigan (and perhaps the whole mid-west) is WJR 760AM. For some unknown reason, after many years of listening daily, it is no longer working via Roon. It still works via and it still works using my Linn Kazoo App but no longer does it work with Roon.

I am going to attached a screenshot and the error message is “Playback was interrupted because a track failed to load”.

Then when looking at the details, the URL that Roon uses is:,aac

But TuneIn uses:

Now I have not changed anything to cause this error, so not sure how to resolve it :frowning:

Hello @Steven_Bearden , this station was not in our database, I assume you must have added it to your my live Radio.

Anyway, I have now added WJR 760 AM for you. Please check if OK.

Hello Brian. Yes it is now working :smiley:

Thank you so much!!!

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The Current form St. Paul has disappeared. Please help.

Hello @Israel_Smith , there were two instances of The Current in our database. Their streams were duplicates. Trying to do some tidying up, I hid one. I’ve restored it for now.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Dear Team

The German Radio Station SWR3 seems to have new links to access.
When adding the published stream manually I failed. Can you please correct.
Link to webpage with recent instructions So kannst du SWR3 empfangen. - SWR3


Hello @Andreas_Luchsinger , thanks for the information. I’ve updated the streams. (Roon sometimes has problems with https, I’ve used the http forms)

Unable to play the stream of Radio Veronica, can you please check?


Hello @Erwin_van_Faassen , I’ve updated the links. Try now.

Hello Brian - Is it possible to have 94.7 WCSX from Detroit to the active on-line radio station list?

Certainly, @EaglesMan , I’ve added 94.7 WCSX for you.
US listeners only.

Awesome. Thanks again Brian!

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Thank you Brian, it’s working!!

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the current stream is dead, the stream you have provided doesn’t match
Hungary Radio1

BR, Gabor

Hello @Gonda_Gabor , is this Rádió 1? I’ve changed the URL (and used the Budapest stream), is that OK now?

hello @BrianW , ok, working fine! Thank You!

I’m having trouble with WMOT out of Nashville. Here’s the error I’m getting:

Thanks for any help!

Hello @Peter_Zwiefelhofer , I’ve updated the URL. Try now.

Works! Thank you!!!