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Hi Brian - after several months of Scala / Bauer Radio saying that the ability to listen to Scala via a web link would be removed it looks like they have finally done it. I can still seem to get it on this link though - is it possible to use this link for Roon access please? Scala Radio Live | Listen Again | Online Player

Hello @Ian_Gilham , that’s interesting. I can capture the audio URL which does work without signing up.

I’m not confident yet though that the token which comes with that URL will last - a similar exercise failed with Planet Rock. Let me monitor for a while and I’ll report back later.

EDIT. Hmm. A similar thing is happening with other Bauer stations.

As I expected, the link fails after a while when presumably the token times out.

So we can’t usefully add anything. Sorry.

Hi Brian - OK no problem - thanks for trying anyway. Guess Bauer don’t want me as a listener any more… :slight_smile:

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Hi @BrianW

The problem with radio Clyde that you fixed in September last year has happened again. Would you mind fixing again please, thanks.

Hello @kevin_wynne1 , you’re out of luck I’m afraid. The station is part of the Bauer empire and as such won’t be available to non-signed in listeners. See

I’ll mark it as unavailable in the database.

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No probs Brian, thanks

There seems to be a problem with live radio at the moment
I’m getting this error

However the internet connection is fine (I’m posting this via the same connection) and my Tidal/Qobuz connection is testing fine

Anyone else having this issue?

Yes. Roon servers seem to be down, no way to play Live Radio…

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Cheers @alec_eiffel - I guess it will just require a little patience and it’ll be addressed

@BrianW Thanks! 98 Rock is back up!

“Qmusic NL” seams to use a wrong or old/depricated URL.

Correct URL’s can be found here DPG Media Privacy Gate
Even the other Qmusic stations like “Non Stop”, “Top40”, “Foute Uur” etc are listed here.

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Thank you @Rimmer_Osinga , I have updated the URLs.

I shall add the other Qmusic stations later today.

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Thanks for your very quick repons!
Qmusic is playing again :sunglasses:

Hello Brian,
Lately you sent me three cd links from Reinbert de Leeuw, the Matteus Passion.
I managed to add them to my live radio, ok
But I discovered that all three links contain the same (first) cd only.
Is it possible for you to add the second and third cd as well?
The sound is perfect.

I don’t think I should be publicising the links as they are copyrighted.

Hi Brian: One of the stations I listen to regularly and support is “Sanctuary Radio - Retro New Wave 80’s Channel.” I received an email from the broadcaster yesterday that contained the following:

In April, we have readded and updated the Ultra HD quality FLAC streams, added over 100 cool new releases on the Dark Electro Channel, and continue to add many out of print tunes to the Retro Channel!

Could you see if we can update Roon to the FLAC stream? I’m not sure how to direct you to the appropriate link as I’m not exactly tech savvy…

Thanks for your time in looking into it though!

Hello @Riviera_Bluesman , I’ve added the Flac channel - thanks for the update. We’ll look into providing metadata for it as well…

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THANKS Brian!!!

Oh no - it’s of a form which causes Roon to stop at the end of each track.

The Flac stream carries metadata (I didn’t think it did at first) which means each track is a separate stream. Roon stops at the end of a track as it thinks the stream has finished. It’s a problem that the Roon devs know about.

Sorry about that, although there is now a 320k MP3 stream…

EDIT. As the website shows the metadata, there is actually no need for the station to include it in the stream. If they made it a standard flac stream we would be alright.

As the stream won’t play nicely in Roon, I’m reluctantly removing it. If you wanted to add it to your my live radio it is

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