Please report station errors here

Strange, it plays for me. Are other radio stations ok?
Where are you?

(And the correct url is which is the one being used. Yours is the website url)

In Germany. It only works since I entered the url (I found on the website) manually.

I’ve just vpn’d to Germany and my URL works in VLC (I can’t run Roon in Germany), so I don’t know what could be causing your problem.

I also don’t understand how you managed to get a station added by using your website url. Roon won’t accept it as it wants an audio stream or a TuneIn address.

The URLs suggested on the website are .pls or .asx files which contain the URL I posted above.

Are you using your own my live radio version or the database version of the station?

Well, I try to explain, what I did:

At first, I searched for “delicious agony” in roon. I found this, which does not work:
I don’t know, which URL this is trying to use. I even do not know, how to find out.

I then manually added The website, I accidently mentioned in my first post, was filled automatically. This works fine for me.

In fact, I don’t really have a problem. I just wanted to say, that the search in roon leads to a link, that does not play. If it works for others, it’s okay. :wink:

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Ok, although I don’t understand why Roon is not playing that station for you.

Incidentally, you can see the URL Roon uses by looking at the station screen…

…and you can see it’s almost the same - but Roon is using the https version. I wouldn’t have expected that to make a difference though - it doesn’t for me. You might try adding that version just in case there is something awry with your setup.

Never mind, as long as you’re ok now.

Clyde is back up - for the time being…

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None of the “Greatest Hits Radio” UK streams are working

I suspect they’re the regional ones I haven’t done yet. The non-regional one - just Greatest hits radio - no region in the title, should work. (GB only)

Did you have a specific one in mind?

Thanks for the tip. I couldn’t find the non regional one initially. Did another search and it comes up right at the bottom of the list. Working now, cheers.

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The dutch news station “BNR Nieuwsradio” is not working any more. The current ‘direct’ URL is redirected with a http 302 redirect. Maybe that is (part of) the problem?

Hello @eFJee , I’ve changed the URLs. Try now.

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Thanks Brian! Working like a charm now!

Hi Brian- The 91X station from San Diego/Tijuana needs an address update.


Hello @Colin_Maydahl , I’ve updated the URLs, try now.

Radio Klasu and Radio Klasu Pro came back to life 2 weeks ago but have been down (again) for 2 days : streams, website, APIs, everything is off the grid.

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ABC Triple J (Sydney, NSW, Australia) triple j

Using old & low-quality version of Logo

uploaded a new one, try now

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@deeku394 do you need song title and artist displayed on this station? They are not broadcasted natively but I can add them for you if you want.

Thank you, looks great.
That’d actually be really nice to have (provided it’s not a pain on your end).

@user388 @deeku394, artist and song title are now available in Roon for ABC Triple J. I’ve also added ABC Triple J unearthed + ABC Double J.