Please send song metadata to chromecast (non video) clients

Hi ! Loving roon so far. Quick request

  1. I have a Grace Digital Encore+ Chromecast capable (built in) device - it can be used as an endpoint for roon along with my many other vanilla Chromecast Audios and a Sony SRS-X88. It has a display, however, and no meta data on what is playing makes it to the display — other sources that cast to the device (Tidal, Google Play Music etc) do show meta data and album art, so hoping this just a case of passing on the data like those other services

  2. Moreover, the Google Home application shows that roon is playing, but not what it is playing (again, unlike other cast sources).

Thanks so much - another item I’ll mention here as perhaps it relates to Roon not recognizing The Grace Digital as an ‘actual’ Chromecast is that when playing a MQA album, the core decoder is not firing on roon as it does for all my other CCA devices. If I group the radio with other devices it does, however. Odd


(note transferred discussion from : Grace (CC) not displaying track data, MQA Core not triggering )