Please show bit depth & sample rate on bar at bottom

As the title suggests; in the same box as the waveform seekbar, playback controls and such, please add in a little info about the now playing file in terms of audio quality (bit depth and sample rate) - good to be able to see at a glance the quality of the now playing file.


It’s visible* on the screen saver page, which I like.
I think when not on this page having it down by the seekbar bar would be cool.

  • Though that might be for the album not the track, not sure how it works for mix sample rate / bit depth albums.

New to Roon here and would very much like to re-invigorate this suggestion. I’d like to be able to have a choice of substituting the waveform bar with the information that is displayed under the source when you click on the signal path so I can always see the file format, sample rate and bit depth.


Technical stuff…

I would like to see the key, and instruments…

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I hate the whole idea. Roon should be about the music, not about sample rates and such things.
Don’t turn Roon into another audiofool masturbation tool.

If you want to display additional information, listen to Anders and put in information about the music like the key or the chords and not information about the transport medium. It is like going to a concert and the singer has a big sign on his head saying “brought to you by United Airlines”. Horrible.