Please Split Artists

This Tidal album has merged Daniel and Martha into one artist. Please can they be separated?

I would try going into Album Edit —> Edit Fields —> Primary Artist Links

Then I would delete or untick the merged name above

And then I would use the “Add Primary Artist” to add Daniel and Martha as SEPARATE but still Primary Artists

Simple answer: No, not yet; but it is something that we want to do.

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Hi Joel
Won’t the steps proposed above work??..I know I’ve used those steps previously for similar situations…but that’s quite a few builds ago now

Thanks for the suggestion Ronnie. It works, but needs the addition of separate Album Artist entries as well.

Yes sorry, I forgot to mention the 2nd step

Out of curiosity, does the result give you what you need in terms of display…and linking etc??

Yup, seems to… thanks.

Yes. I was referring to separation in the Roon metadata service.