Please streamline the process to manually select album art

Hi. I’m a new user, first day of my 14 day trial.

It is extremely cumbersome to select my preferred album cover. As I explained in my first post, roon does not select the “folder.jpg” about half the time when there is also a file called “folder-noborder.jpg” in the album directory.

Could roon please streamline the manual cover art selection process?

Here’s the process one must use to manually select “folder.jpg” when roon has chosen “folder-noborder.jpg”:

  1. scroll through the albums display to find one with the wrong “folder.jpg” cover
  2. click it to open album information
  3. click on the album cover
  4. wait for the album thumbnails to display
  5. click the thumbnail if the correct one is visible, or scroll through the images
  6. when at the correct image, click “Image Info” at top of screen below image position/count (and if the click is off by a pixel or two, the scrolling album list terminates and you have to go back to step 3)
  7. click “Set As Album Cover”
  8. click “yes” in “Are you sure?” confirmation dialog
  9. click (X) or hit escape key
  10. click “<” or type control-left
  11. scroll through the album display again to find next one when the image list returns to first page

Strangely, the image I want to use (“folder.jpg”) is invariably the last one in the image list, requiring the most scrolling!

To add insult to injury, there is no shortcut key for the “Yes” button in the needless confirmation dialog. The usual shortcut keys to confirm a yes/no dialog (“Enter”, Alt-Y and “Space”) don’t do anything.

Instead of selecting from the list of displayed artwork, one could follow this procedure:

  1. “Edit” the album
  2. select the “Edit Album” tab in the dialog that pops up (third tab)
  3. scroll down a few pages to the “Album Artwork” section
  4. click the “Add Image” button
  5. click the “Browse for image…” button
  6. in the file browser that opens invariably at C:\Users\eric, navigate through tthe file system to find the album’s directory
  7. select “folder.jpg”

While shorter, this is not much easier, as navigating to the album’s directory can take quite a few mouse clicks. And if the file is on a network share without mapped drive letter, it can’t be navigated to in the file browser at all.


  • Eric

What I do:

Find the image I want in Google images, view it, and Copy.
Edit the album
Edit fields
Scroll down to art
Add image
Paste URL

So I didn’t use the folder.jpg from the drive, because I’m sitting with my iPad which doesn’t support file systems. I think on a windows machine I could do that. But I have stopped managing images on my own drive, easier to find on the internet.