Please supply a search Discogs for info option

On releases where extended metadata is not available I would like the option to add that via a semi-automated Discogs scrape

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There are certainly many releases for which Discogs would be the best source, which I’m sure Roon understands.

I don’t think it’s as simple as scraping stuff off the website though. Hopefully they can get a fully featured connection to Discogs.

Discogs have an API available that could be used to retrieve data:

I’m sure I’ve seen mention of it being a future option - not yet implemented

Not sure why it’s not as simple as? It’s one thing to licence Discogs entire database - another to scrape on an adhoc basis

@mike mentioned it way back in 2015. It may or may not still be on the roadmap. Perhaps he is able to say what the current status is?

I too would love to see Discogs integration for metadata scraping, especially for the more obscure versions of albums. Great suggestion. :+1:


It would be a great addition for us in Greece. It’s the best source for our songs. I use it in the first place when I tag something. No greeklish or other garbage. Only Greek.

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I thought of this today - because I have A LOT of vinyl releases in my library. Roon almost always mismatches it. It’s MORE work than JRiver. I thought it was supposed to be easier? Why would I pay more for the aggrevation? This software isn’t ready yet. Maybe in a year.

Also - why can’t it play ISO files? This is a standard way to play backed up CDs/SACD’s. Comon Roon.