Plex and MQA compatibility

What more compatibility would Plex need?

An mqa compatible dac will recognize an mqa stream played from Plex. It just doesn’t do the unfold like roon.

If Plex will do it I’m sure jriver could too, but I haven’t used jriver.

If you lack MQA hardware, but have something capable of 96/24, software core decode can get you to 96/24. otherwise you will be stuck at 1x.

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I don’t have Tidal anymore so I can’t confirm, but can’t tidal do the first unfold?

If you use Tidal service, you need a Tidal client software for the MQA Core decoding if you don’t have MQA hardware.

MQA Core decoding software includes: Roon, Tidal desktop app, Audirvana.

From An Intro to TIDAL With Plex | Plex Support

Meaning you don’t even get the 24-bit streams this way, let alone that the Plex software does not decode MQA.

Hi Danny
interestingly enough my Project Pre-Box S2 will registered some files as MQA’s and decode them while using Plex Amp and my understanding is Tidal doesn’t send MQA data to Plex.

Those are 16 bit 44.1 kHz MQA streams that are served on all Tidal lossless service tiers.


Thank you AJ