Plex just updated Plexamp with Android Auto support

Plex already did remote streaming but their AA version included video, tv, movies as well - so it got a bit cluttered. Now their ‘labs’ project Plexamp has been updated to work with AA - and it’s really really nice. You can easily browse by artist (first letter to drill down) and there’s also smart playlist support as well. My downside is that since installing Roon - I’ve gotten lazy with my embedded tags and let Roon do its magic. Not so good for Plex. So please please please Roon - launch the mobile support already and hopefully with AA out of the gate. Until then - give Plexamp a shot - it is pretty sweet.

By the way - I have no affiliation with Plex except for being a plex pass subscriber. I’m a lifer on Roon as well.

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