Plex on ST or NAS?


Hi Andrew @agillis ,

I’ll ask this in it’s own thread as it probably got lost in the other topic:

I’m going to give Plex a try. With all my video files on the NAS, would you recommend installing Plex on the STi7 (like Roon core) or on the NAS itself? I don’t know if there are any different considerations for this app - safer to ask.

(Andrew Gillis) #2

It’s better to have it on the sonicTransporter. Depending on how you use Plex the Plex Server can use quite a bit of processing power for video and audio trans-coding. Its a good idea to have it running on a powerful server like the sonicTransporter not a wimpy ARM CPU like your NAS.

I use Plex Server on my sonicTransporter here and Roku players on my TV. This is a great combination. I get the Plex Player for local content and also Amazon streaming + Netflix for streaming content.


Ok, thanks Andrew. That makes sense. I wasn’t even thinking in terms of processing power, but that’s probably most important.

I replaced my Synology with a QNAP TVS-872XT which has an i5, but the STi7 will still be beefier and with less demand on it since Roon and Plex wouldn’t run at the same time.

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In that case it should be OK to run Plex on your NAS but the i7 would be better.