Plex on ST or NAS?

Hi Andrew @agillis ,

I’ll ask this in it’s own thread as it probably got lost in the other topic:

I’m going to give Plex a try. With all my video files on the NAS, would you recommend installing Plex on the STi7 (like Roon core) or on the NAS itself? I don’t know if there are any different considerations for this app - safer to ask.

It’s better to have it on the sonicTransporter. Depending on how you use Plex the Plex Server can use quite a bit of processing power for video and audio trans-coding. Its a good idea to have it running on a powerful server like the sonicTransporter not a wimpy ARM CPU like your NAS.

I use Plex Server on my sonicTransporter here and Roku players on my TV. This is a great combination. I get the Plex Player for local content and also Amazon streaming + Netflix for streaming content.

Ok, thanks Andrew. That makes sense. I wasn’t even thinking in terms of processing power, but that’s probably most important.

I replaced my Synology with a QNAP TVS-872XT which has an i5, but the STi7 will still be beefier and with less demand on it since Roon and Plex wouldn’t run at the same time.

In that case it should be OK to run Plex on your NAS but the i7 would be better.

Hi Andrew,

I finally completed the long project of converting my ISO’s to MKV. I’ve installed Plex app on STi7 from the available app list. A day later, it still shows an update available. Shouldn’t it update automatically?

But my main question is about getting plex to see the video files on my QNAP. I’ve googled and read posts on the Plex forum. Before I post over there, I would like to check with you to see if there are already known tweaks I need to make to get it to work.

I’ve installed plex directly on the QNAP and it sees the files readily. For the STi7 install, I’ve added a user called “plex” on QNAP and given w/r permissions as well as enabling advanced (subfolder) permissions. Anything you (or anyone else) know off the top of your head?

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For it to show up on Plex you would need to sue the drive mounter to mount your QNAP on the i7. Then you need to add a video folder in plex.

So far, no success. I’ve mounted the shared folder and tried with both admin and plex users with password. See anything I’m missing?

I notice this is a Windows share. But only choices are USB and SMB.

Should I see anything in \SONICTRANSPORT\storage\nas after mounting? It stays empty.

And, still being notified that there is an update after two days running. Is there a way to update manually? The update file is .rpm.


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Can you contact me via the contact us button on our web site? this is the best way to get support.

try \qnap.local\media

make sure all spelling is correct including caps

make sure you username and pass is correct

your NAS will show up in \SONICTRANSPORT\storage\nas after mounting

I’ll give that a try when I get home tonight and contact you if still having trouble. Thanks…

That did it Andrew (adding .local to the URL), thanks! Once it showed up in the STi7, I realized I needed to point the libraries to those folders rather than directly to the QNAP folders. Hope this is helpful to others searches.

I’ll see if the app update happens now and will email you if I can’t get it updated.