Plug-ins in Roon

Could a Roon developer answer this question?
Is there a chance that one day Roon can include plug-ins (Audio Units, AAX, VST …) in its software, or clearly it will never happen?
I would love to have the opportunity to use Sonarworks Reference 4 as well for my headphones or speakers, and send it all to my Roon Ready streamers.
Audirvana does it very well but its management of the library is much worse.
There are many solutions like Audio Hijack, but these are not compatible with sending to the RAAT network.
Thank you so much.

VST has been answered before. I presume if the others are similar then…

So it will never happen?

I think not.

Unless they are fully cross platform Roon won’t support it or it limits their user base.

Was thinking that if someone created an extension to use VST stuff perhaps it would get around some of things as long as Roons API allows access to DSP functions. A lot to take on for nothing though.

Could Roon extensions really solve this ?

This should be easy to answer by someone that understand API and plugin requirements.

Edit. Think I got an answer.

I would like it too

So I could use an audio units version of Fab filters Pre Q3 parametric eq.