Pocket-sized Roon Core?

While you can’t run Roon Core on the Raspberry Pi, check this out:

This could be very interesting as an unobtrusive Roon Server for those with only two or three zones and minimal DSP requirements. Total cost for the Model B version (4 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC storage) plus a suitable PoE HAT is under $100. I would not even bother with a case…just hang it from the Ethernet switch via a short patch cable.

I’ll post to this thread if I decide to give this a try. I’ve had some success running Core on a 10 year-old netbook with a single-core Atom processor. This quad-core proc from just four years ago should do better, although it’s well below Roon Labs’ recommended minimum configuration.

My use case may be to lend it out to friends who are on the fence regarding Roon and don’t have a spare PC sitting around that they could use for Core while they are kicking the tires. This plus an Allo DigiOne or HiFiBerry DAC is all I’d need to help friends get over their digiphobia. :smiley:

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Is it like this one? :smirk:

Yes. The same. I mean, it’s not going to be a brilliant Roon Core, but if my experimental Core on a 10-year-old netbook is reasonably usable with a library of over 20,000 tracks, this could be fine for a lot of lite Roon users.

If that device could run Roon core, could you plug a Dragonfly into the USB port? I assume you could.
Seems like a possible portable Roon device with headphones and Cellphone hotspot internet.

Might work, but it’s never a good idea to connect a DAC to Core. Buy an RPi4 to use as an output.

I have two RPi4 output devices. I was asking as a single device that could be used with headphones as a portable Roon device.

Did you get this to work with a Digione on Windows?