Podcasts with Greg

For the past couple of years, I’ve been using a Python utility called “greg” to download various podcasts and add them to my Roon music library. I thought I’d point it out.

I have “album” folders set up for each of the podcasts I follow, each just a directory in one of my music folders. A cron job runs each night and sync’s the podcast, thereby downloading any new entries to its appropriate folder.

$ crontab -l
23 2 * * * /home/janssen/.local/bin/greg sync FreshAir PhilosophyBites JazzTreasury AWayWithWords SecretHistoryOfTheFuture >/var/log/greg/greg-log.txt 2>&1

Download options and tagging is set up in the greg.conf file. I tag with this combination:

tag_album = {podcasttitle}
tag_title = {title}
tag_track = {title}
tag_date = {date}
tag_comment = {entrysummary}
tag_genre = Podcast

So I wind up with an “album” for each podcast, and the various issues are the “tracks” of the album.


I used Greg for a long while as well, until I started to get environmental issues with Python on my QNAP.

Greg is great for command line scheduling, but I ended up replacing with Podgrab in a docker container which gives a really friendly front end for scheduled Podcast downloading and playback.

Both Greg and Podgrab are really good tools providing the same functionality in slightly different ways.

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