Pointing Core to music on my nas

Core is running on a sonic Transporter and I want to try to point it to the music on my qnap nas that I’ve been serving up via Asset server on that nas.

In OS X Finder, I go to GO > connect to server and see it as either smb:// or smb://QNAP-251._smb._tcp.local

But when I go to Roon to add a Network Share, neither of those works – I get an ‘invalid network path’ error.

I must be doing something wrong. Any advice on the right syntax to add my Music folder from that nas?

Moved this to the support area and I’m going to suggest the knowledge base area for you look at here


On the core you’ll.need to invert your slash’s followed by \ and your music share name on the nas. E.g\Music. You can’t just add the IP address either it needs the shared folder your using and you might need to enter a username and password that is used to access the Nas if it’s configured that way.

Perfect - thanks!