Polaris - anyone using?

I am looking to move away from the traditional stack of components in a rack and downsize my HiFi. The Polaris seems to tick all of the boxes for me, from capability to cost, but i was wondering if anyone had experience of living with it?

I have been using a Polaris for about 4 month and love it - both the sound and the ease of use. It is driving a pair of B&W 702 S2 without a problem. Mainly used to stream through Roon but also some Vinyl. Highly recommended.

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Thanks so much. How easy is it to navigate the input selection menu? My other half is a technophobe and we still have a CD player for her sole use :slight_smile:

A press of a button on the remote

Fantastic - thanks.


Did you ever get one of these? I have one en route for my office setup.

The menu system was too “complicated” for my other half so went with a Naim Atom, which has proven to be fantastic.


Got my Polaris for my desktop system setup today. Sweet.

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My Polaris amp section went defective within a week…sending it back.

Oops. That’s annoying.

Glad it happened now and not outside of the return period! Stuff like this happens…just gotta roll with it…